We all know what went down at the Nou Camp at the game against Las Palmas.

Long story short, it seems as though the fans were punished to have the audacity to vote for a separate state. FC Barcelona decided to play the game behind closed doors as opposed to deciding to postpone the match and be penalised by 6 points in the bargain.

Until 15 minutes ago there was no clear indication on what was going to happen while  the tickets were still being sold.

But let’s keep all of that at a side for now and focus on something that you’d otherwise NEVER get to see.

  • When was the last time you could see a Gerard Pique contest what the referee was saying AND HEAR his exact words?
  • When was the last time you heard a Luis Suarez speak out vehemently to the referee?

Here’s something you’d REALLY want to hear and see carefully:

There’s more though. A lot of the scenes that went on outside the stadium were captured on tape too.

A little kid’s 10th birthday ruining, Argentinian Messi fans coming down all the way, and an angry spectator taking things in his own hands were just a few of the things you’d see at the emotional sight outside FC Barcelona’s stadium. Here’s all that went down hours till minutes before the game was about to begin.