It’s been an injury struck week and month for the international footballing world and there’s no ending to it. We’ve compiled a list of players that could be missing the final leg of the World Cup qualifiers. Let’s get to it:

6. Carvajal, Morata, Iniesta (Spain):

Carvajal, Real Madrid ’s full-back was diagnosed with a viral fever affecting his pericardium.

Morata suffered a left-hamstring injury against league leaders Manchester City that has ruled him out for a good two months.

Another left hamstring injury occurred at the closed door game against Las Palmas, in which Iniesta was directly involved. Neither of the 3 will be in the clashes against Albania and Israel in the coming last week of the World cup qualifiers.
They’ve been in trouble for the longest time and the 2010 win couldn’t have come at a better time. Back then was nation-wide bankruptcy; this time, a fight for unity, with the referendum on independence situation.

7. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium):

The Belgium medical staff called off all risks of a fracture, but Manchester United ’s golden boy is still suffering an ankle injury and has been placed on individual training. It is still not sure whether Lukaku will miss the upcoming Bosnia-Herzegovina and Cyprus clash though. Belgium could really use an in-form Lukaku all season long.

8. Frank Ribery (France):

Bayern Munich confirmed a torn knee ligament injury for the French winger in his 2-2 match against Hartha Berlin on Sunday. He definitely will be out for the last two of five of France’s games.

9. Rafinha (Brazil):

24 year old Barcelona midfielder has undergone knee surgery and is out for a good two months. He won’t be playing alongside Neymar Jr. in the Brazillian side. Then again neither may Neymar. Wait what?? Ssshh.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden):

WE ALL saw King turned legend Ibrahimovic ’s backward knee witchcraft kinda leg movement thing that actually gave us the chills. That may be a prime reason for his absence in the upcoming games. Yes, we thought he all retired but his Instagram video with him waking up with shoes and the national flag, says otherwise!
The Swedes also consider him as a European god of sorts by the way. Oh well, God’s gonna be by the side-lines this WC qualifier. We know where all the eyes are going to be.

11. Gerard Pique (Spain):

This requires a special mention because what kind of Spanish national would be in favor of splitting his country into half? Especially when it’s one of the best defenders in the world. Gerard Pique may have to sit out given opposition from people all over the country following the anti-national undertones in his interviews.

The list looks long doesn’t it? Well, hopefully, this is just the case for the qualifiers and has no bearing on Russia 2018. And how badly are we waiting for that?
A cheap ticket to Russia anyone?