Yes, it’s true!Messi isn’t the most expensive player in the world when it comes to a certain element called ‘buy out clauses’ in player contracts.

There are others who would cost you a lot more than Messi should you choose to buy a player in the midst of his contract tenure.

The most prominent amongst them?

Cristiano Ronaldo –who will cost you a whopping €1 billion if you walk up to Florentino Pérez and say “how much for this player please?”

Just to make it clear, so will Karin Benzema.

Now that this is clear, let’s read between the lines of these infamous ‘buy out clauses’ shall we?

Exhibit A:

A team’s management sets an arguably low buy-out clause for their player, say €50-100 million.
Why would they do so? This is so because if in the future would they ever like to let go off the player, they could do so easily IN CASE someone else shows interest.

Example: Most of the premier league and La Liga players.

Exhibit B:
A team’s management sets an outrageously high buyout clause for their player say €1bn.
Why would they do so? It’s a sure shot indication that reads – Don’t even think about it. We ain’t selling him!

Here’s an example. Do the math!

And then we have Exhibit C:

Where a management set’s a fairly high price but not so high that would stave off future buyers.

We’re speaking of Neymar Jr. ’s clause

There was no way anyone in their right mind was paying €222 million for a player. That was the limit set by FC Barcelona ’s board while signing on the Brazilian prodigy. They didn’t think anyone would ever be up for it!
Unless you’re a really big middle-eastern business house called Oryz Qatar Sports Investements (owners of PSG)!

Evidently, Barcelona didn’t think through the fact that Neymar would want an identity of his own as against living under the shadow of the great Messi. We’re speaking of ginormous footballer egos here, people!

And next thing you know, Neymar was on his way out in less than 3 years at the Nou Camp after a massive feud between him and the board.

Of course, Qatar has vested interest by betting on the most popular game in the world and Neymar was a simple pawn in the hands of the cash-rich Oryz Qatar Sports Investments.

Back to Ronaldo. 1 BILLION EUROS is straight off nuts!

This is a clear sign for prospective buyers to back off. Besides Real Madrid are builders of a footballing death squad!

They are known to buy (steal) players and talent as against nurture talent at La Fabrica – their youth academy. So if they pay top dollar, there’s no point in letting them go that easily. Ergo they set the humongous buy out clauses that scares even the richest. A smart move isn’t it!

Besides They are no La Masia (Barca’s youth academy) or the Saints (Southampton’s youth academy) that nurtures homegrown talent! Real Madrid plays a different ball game, literally!