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What is a football match without loud chanting fans that jump in unison?


1. Nothing.

2. A one-off closed door game between Barcelona and Las Palmas. (Die Heart La Liga fans, get the joke!)

If you’ve seen Green Street Hooligans (which we hope to god you have) and thought West Ham and Millwall FC fans were rowdies, prepare yourself for something very dynamically eye-opening. The following fans bring ALL they’ve got to a game, create the best atmosphere there is and more often than not are a pain in the a** for the visiting team.

Here’s 5 of the best football match atmospheres you HAVE TO witness before it’s too late.

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We know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Well, what about what happened in London last night? Literally, the biggest names in football that you can imagine were under one BIG roof- The Palladium London. The occasion: The crowning of the Best in Football in the year 2016-17.

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Since we’re all in the midst of all the World Cup hoopla, it’s arguably worth throwing light on ‘World’s Bests’ and ‘World’s finest’ and World’s most accomplished and the whole nine yards (or should we the whole 53.3 yards).
This one isn’t for the Cristiano Ronaldo supporters. Soon we’ll be covering that argument too but for now, you have been warned!

Let’s break this into arguments ‘against’ and ‘for’ shall we?

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You heard that right. Messi is slated to have his very own theme park soon to come in the year 2020! Take That Museum director Cristiano Ronaldo who has his own museum named after him!

The most exciting part about this is that it won’t be located in his home-country Argentina in South America, neither will it be constructed in North America. So it must be Europe then. Barcelona may be? Where Messi has glorified the club and vice versa for years now?

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It’s that time of the year when the world crowns the best in Football. Here’s what went into the preparation of the big event (video):

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