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Here’s giving it up for those who burn the midnight oil out on the turf and do nothing different even in broad day light only to produce and present to us the best footballing wizards we will ever see.

Lining up the top 10 football youth academies of the world:

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Since we’re all in the midst of all the World Cup hoopla, it’s arguably worth throwing light on ‘World’s Bests’ and ‘World’s finest’ and World’s most accomplished and the whole nine yards (or should we the whole 53.3 yards).
This one isn’t for the Cristiano Ronaldo supporters. Soon we’ll be covering that argument too but for now, you have been warned!

Let’s break this into arguments ‘against’ and ‘for’ shall we?

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Bloody Hell! Would you look at that? A cursory glance at the below table will explicitly show you how far away Argentina’s World Cup goals are.

Let’s face it. The blokes messed up. Starting with the decision to play Messi (the world’s best player) BEHIND a little heard of Dario Benedetto in the game against a defensively strong Peru.

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