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Moving on from the first part of the article, here’s the rest of the biggest rivalries in football.

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Yes we all know of London derbies and Manchester derbies and Merseyside derbies and how big the games, the rivalries and preps are. But some of these games go well beyond even that. Some of these names we may recognize from the Europa league matches, some we may not even recognize at all. 

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Yupp! The best player in the world ISN’T the most expensive!
After all, we live in times where money is changing hands (and legs) as many times as a football does in a tiki-taka strategy dominated football game!

So what would even account for this?
Isn’t it that the better you are the higher is the dollar paid for you?

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Here’s giving it up for those who burn the midnight oil out on the turf and do nothing different even in broad day light only to produce and present to us the best footballing wizards we will ever see.

Lining up the top 10 football youth academies of the world:

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Here, lads, is the story of how the ONLY manager to have won 3 UEFA Champions League titles and 2 Club World Cup titles was shown the door after losing (miserably) to another European giant PSG; a team that has enough money to have in its starting XI the world’s most expensive player, Neymar Jr.

Let’s start from the beginning. But first, fun fact:

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