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Here are 8 moments in history where commentators have ripped through the microphone shouting, fans have lost voices but won trophies and the players have created history. Here’s 8 unforgettable finals in football.

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The Champions League is the top flight of international club football. But wait you know that already!

What you don’t know is what went down at Manchester United v/s Portuguese team Benfica in the Champion’s League 2017 group stage.

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Yes, it’s true! Messi isn’t the most expensive player in the world when it comes to a certain element called ‘buy out clauses’ in player contracts.

There are others who would cost you a lot more than Messi should you choose to buy a player in the midst of his contract tenure.

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On the one hand, you have the present day, a new-age poster boy of international football, Neymar Jr.

On the other hand, you have a sports company (Oryx Qatar Sports Investments), that hails from the richest country in the world, Qatar.

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Yupp! The best player in the world ISN’T the most expensive!
After all, we live in times where money is changing hands (and legs) as many times as a football does in a tiki-taka strategy dominated football game!

So what would even account for this?
Isn’t it that the better you are the higher is the dollar paid for you?

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Winter is coming! Aren’t you just tired of listening to this Game of Thrones innuendo?

Well, you shouldn’t! Because it’s coming whether you like it or not! And the Britishers? Just like every year, they’re just going to complain about the weather all season long. Perks of following a football tournament that the locals hate the weather of!

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Here’s giving it up for those who burn the midnight oil out on the turf and do nothing different even in broad day light only to produce and present to us the best footballing wizards we will ever see.

Lining up the top 10 football youth academies of the world:

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“Can we see your son’s legs? He looks like a footballer.”

As bizzare and ludicrous as this may sound, this was the exact question Pochettino’s scouts asked his parents when they landed up at his house at 2am in the morning. It was a dark and lonely night, and as poetic as this may sound, Marcelo ‘El Loco’ Bielsa (Pochettino’s mentor) and his colleague Jorge Griffa drove for over 5,000 miles in a Fiat 147 searching for ‘the next big thing’. What happened then? They stumbled upon the now Spur’s manager’s house. And the rest is history!

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We know the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Well, what about what happened in London last night? Literally, the biggest names in football that you can imagine were under one BIG roof- The Palladium London. The occasion: The crowning of the Best in Football in the year 2016-17.

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Since we’re all in the midst of all the World Cup hoopla, it’s arguably worth throwing light on ‘World’s Bests’ and ‘World’s finest’ and World’s most accomplished and the whole nine yards (or should we the whole 53.3 yards).
This one isn’t for the Cristiano Ronaldo supporters. Soon we’ll be covering that argument too but for now, you have been warned!

Let’s break this into arguments ‘against’ and ‘for’ shall we?

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