It was about buying a future Ballon d’Or winner, buying the poster boy for present day football, buying the hallowed redeemer to all of Brazil’s 20th-century problems! It was about sending a message to the footballing, business and political fraternity.

Neymar was happy to leave as he had zero confidence in the FC Barcelona board. He felt the board had lost interest in training and mentoring the youth through the academy and became more capitalist-Real Madrid-like who relied on bought players.  Well, that was one of many of Neymar’s qualms with the board.

Qatar also has the World Cup 2022 hosting rights coming up which is just another step in their bid to go deeper into the sport turned business; football. (Breaks our heart to write that last line!)

222 million may seem a large amount to the world, but Qatar evidently isn’t in the same one as ours! – pays to be the richest in the world now doesn’t it?

Their world has another plot altogether and they are far from losing it! They just bagged the most marketable sportsperson in the world! So much win!

Is Qatar right in doing what they did? After all, they are under FIFA’s scanner for financial fair play which means offloading other big names at PSG like Draxler and Di Maria to balance the books. Seems like a typical, ruthless, heartless business move straight from the boardroom to us!