Toni Kroos

One can only begin to wonder what the Real Madrid line up would look like without a Luka Modric and then a Tony Kroos right in the centre of the field.

Kroos a German footballing wizkid born in in the 90’s is a millennial footballer that has made it to the German National squad in 2010 and was the first German to win 3 UEFA champions league cups. At the age of 17 he started his international career and landed up in the ever growing hands of Bayern Munich where he flourished and even help win the 2012-2013 title.
He plays in the midfield for Real Madrid and has been taken on board as part of a 6 year contract for a fee of 20 million Euros.

He will be a part of the team for a few seasons to come and then could make it back to Bundesliga? And how about making it to your work desk too? Buy Official Tony Kroos merchandise today.