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This right wing forward cum midfielder for Chelsea is one of the key most players in the 4-3-2-1 formation for the Blues.

At 28 he earns 110,000 euros a week which is quite a hefty price. But then again his power on the field and his run throughs are typical of a Brazilian footballer that you will see in other class acts like Dani Alves (PSG), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Coutinho (Liverpool), David Luiz (Chelsea). Willian’s style is raw and tough. His crosses and passes are crafted to perfection and the through balls make it’s way into Costa’s feet with a follow up strike right into the goal.

He almost makes it look text book like but throws in a bit of South American football magic into the mix and what you have is a staggering finish on goal. What more would you like to see as a spectator. Take him home today!