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  1. Miami Heat Scarf Miami Heat Scarf
    Miami Heat Scarf
  2. New York Knicks Mug New York Knicks Mug
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers Badge Cleveland Cavaliers Badge
  4. New York Knicks Keyring New York Knicks Keyring
  5. Boston Celtics Tall Beer Glass Boston Celtics Tall Beer Glass
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Score your 3-pointer with NBA in India

Legendary Shaqeel O’neal has been replaced by Stephen Curry. Golden State Warriors have been crowned the new champions. The world of NBA is changing and it’s your turn to pick sides. Will your allegiance change sides or will your work desk be a power house of NBA action from around the states, with all these collectables?

So, take your best shot because we’re bringing in a special b-ball category just for you. 100% authentic and official merchandise licensed by the NBA teams you’re rooting for. Did we mention they’re available for shipping to 1000+ post codes in India.

We, at Goalsquad, are just as passionate about sport as you are passionate about rooting for your basketball team, so we don’t just want to be just another NBA merchandise site, but become your partner in your journey to acquiring NBA memorabilia. Therefore, our online shop stores awesome products from Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics. Choose from an array of Keyrings, Scarves, Badges and Tall Beer Glasses to support your favorite team or player.

Start your NBA collection by ordering the Boston Celtics Keyring, the Los Angeles Lakers Tall Beer Glass, the Miami Heat Scarf and the Chicago Bulls T-shirt Bear. By the way the T-shirt Bears for any of the teams will definitely garner you a second date, should you decide to gift it to that someone special!

Another great bit of news, most active NBA players have really figured out how to use Snapchat to their advantage, and give their fans a behind the scenes look in to their lives that is beyond Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These b-ball players are well ahead in the race for online presence, so take an advance step and stop being a benchwarmer. Fake pass or C cut, and net yourself a three pointer by shopping online at for officially licensed NBA merchandise.