All the BIG summer transfers from Summer 2017

The window saw some of the massive most deals in the history of Footballing transfers. Let’s get straight to it.

1. Ousmane Dembele | Borussia Dortmund To Barcelona | €105 Million

Neymar was on his way out. There was no way Barcelona were sleeping over this. Dembele was a big rescue given that the Coutinho deal didn’t go through. Welcome to Barca, Dembele!

2. Fernando Llorente Swansea To Tottenham – £15 Million

Just when the world was pointing fingers at a certain Mauricio Pochettino, BAM, Llorente walks in. With Drinkwater out to Chelsea, and Harry Kane and Deli Alli in good form, coupled with top 4 finishes in yester seasons, the Spurs seem to go out there to cause some serious damage.

3. Mohamed Salah | Roma To Liverpool | £36 Million

And what a signing this is! Scored in 2 outta 3 games already. Salah is JUST what Liverpool needed paired with a Mane to get over the ‘Coutinho Barcelona debacle’

4. Coutinho To Barce…. – Nevermind

5. Nemanja Matic | Chelsea To Manchester United | £40 Million

It’s been said that with Pogba right beside him, and Pogba’s tendency to run up front as an attacking midfielder is a perfect complement to when a Matic will stay back and hold. Not to mention Matic’s comment about United being the best team he has ever played for so far.

6. Romelu Lukaku | Everton To Manchester United | £75 Million

Wayne Rooney was on his way out and Rashford was racing forward. Ibra was ruled out until he signed another contract with the Reds at Old Trafford. But Lukaku is exactly what Mourinho needed to stay at the top and he’s doing his job quite well so far.

7. Alexandre Lacazette | Lyon To Arsenal | £52 Million

A lot of new signings are out to show their true worth and by scoring on day 1 of the premier league this Frenchman showed he’s out to take gunners to the top.

8. Renato Sanches Bayern Munich To Swansea City | Loan (£8.5m Fee)

Now THIS is interesting. After all the failures that shadowed big clubs to sing this Portuguese player, Swansea got him! Relegation seems to be out of question that’s for sure.

9. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain | Arsenal To Liverpool | £35 Million

Chelsea will be pretty peeved with the end result of this deal with Chamberlin making a last minute turn to Anfield. Chelsea Liverpool games just got a tad bit more interesting this season.

10. Neymar | Barcelona To Paris Saint-Germain | €222 Million

Yes, there was no way Neymar was living under the shadow of Messi for this long. Footballers have massive egos you know! And hey, he got his jersey that says No. 10 too.

11. Alvaro Morata | Real Madrid To Chelsea | £70 Million

Costa out. Morata in. Yes the London club seems to have a thing for Spanish forwards. He scored for the Blues is all that matters. Good signing Chelsea!

12. Gylfi Sigurdsson | Swansea City To Everton | £45 Million

Here’s a 27 years old who costs north of a 40 million pounds. Ronald Koeman is a happy man! Plus he get’s to play with the likes of Wayne Rooney.

13. Wayne Rooney | Manchester United To Everton | Free

He’s back where he belongs, lads! He’s back where he belongs. And he scored on debut day too. Good going Rooney!

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