Top 5 tactics that changed football

Football as we see it is far from the same in 2017. There’s new age innovations, technology interference and then there’s just the smart managerial ability of the managers today. Here’s 5 tactics that changed football for good.
Tiki Taka – Pep Guardiola
Tiki Taka, a technique that came from the god’s own country for football – Spain! Away from the traditional zonal marking, this technique is BEST DESCRIBED as short passing making your way to the goal.

Example: The game you played as a kid with a ‘Donkey’ in the middle of the circle trying to take the football from the other passing players is the best practice for this style. Only imagine the circle moving towards the goal in Tiki-Taka.

The one man that took this to the next level was PEP GUARDIOLA! That too with his dream team at Barcelona.

This tactic won him 14 out of 19 possible trophies all from 2008-2012.

The playing style faded away when the reign of Guardiola ended at Nou Camp. In fact from 2012-2017 Real Madrid won 3 European titles.

Here’s a little something on it:

3-4-3  – Antonio Conte

After the abysmal 3-0 defeat in London against Arsenal in September 2016, Conte changed English football forever. He was known to have hacked into the English playing system with his Italian football wizardry and further went ahead to in the title 6 months on.

He resorted to his Juventus style of playing 3-4-3 which allowed centreback David Luis to take the ball to midfield and fall back easily when not in control with the 2 full backs pressing higher with Moses and Alonso on the midfield wings. The 2 forwards Hazard and Pedro would position themselves between the fullbacks and centrebacks while Costa would stand in the centr of the field distracting the rest of the defending squad. The result: A premier league win!

Conte’s physical stress on the team also paid off as his players spent long hours on the training grounds, almost as long as 34 hours before the pre-season on the road to the US. He also grilled and drilled them with tactical awareness skills all of which turned the premier league around.

What a nice way to make a debut in a foreign country as a coach!

False 9

Again a strategy glorified by Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi – In this the centre forward would move up front having the defenders follow him.

He then would slyly run into the centers making his way through defenders far off their zone. The wingers would move in turning the defenders attention to them while a skillful and agile Messi would make his way through.

This isn’t easy to execute as when Bayern Munich tried the same with Goetze of Muller, it failed. A Messi on the other hand is quick enough to run through spaces.

The Gagen Press

The press simply is a reference to closing down players as much as possible and steal the ball back and continue to play make.

This occurs at different parts of the pitch right from in the centre 3rd of the pitch to the final 3rd defensive line of the opponent.

Jurgen Klopp’s technique was the most spoken about as he would close down players on the sidelines and make his way back to the centre of the pitch before opponents could catch up.

This won him 2 Bundes Liga titles with Borussia Dortmund in 2011 and 2012 and a champion’s league finals spot in 2013.

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