Top 8 thrilling most nail-biting football finals

Here are 8 moments in history where commentators have ripped through the microphone shouting, fans have lost voices but won trophies and the players have created history. Here’s 8 unforgettable finals in football.

Chelsea Beating Bayern Munich in their own backyard

Presenting to you the historic 2012 Champions League final that had Drogba etching his name into the history of the Blues at Stamford Bridge. A 4-3 on penalties saw the Blues win under Roberto DeMatteo which was quite his claim to fame.

Juventus vs Real Madrid

A rare Buffon instance where you’d see the legendary keeper having the smile off his face wiped off as Real Madrid thrashed the Italians to a 4-1 victory with Ronaldo stepping up to score twice. What a year the 2016 season was!

Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid Champions League Final 2016 – 5-3 on penalties.

10 kms apart 10 cups apart! – Atletico Madrid really have some rivalry against their derby rivals especially when they’ve lost 2 Champions league finals to Real Madrid. Here’s another one of Atletico’s heart breaking moments.

Manchester City vs QPR and Manchester United vs

We promise you won’t have a better finals than this. Manchester United thought they had won the league when their match against Sunderland had finished. They were right on top of the table BUT one match was yet to be played. Man. City v/s QPR where all City had to do was score, and score he did when Aguero smashed the ball to the top right corner taking City to a magical win under Roberto Mancini.

Eder v/s France Euro cup finals

What could only be called as a frustrating finals where no goals were scored and Ronaldo was injured, the Euro cup finals was glorified by that one goal that took Portugal into the books of history. It also had a large bunch of Portuguese people against manager Fernando Santos’ decision to play Eder. Well, that sure worked out well!!

Andres Iniesta v/s Chelsea – 2009 Champions league Semi Finals.

If there’s one thing that could break the hearts at Stamford Bridge it is this match. Minutes before the game ended Iniesta shot a cracker of a volley to the left side of the goalkeeper to make it to the finals. They happened to win that too taking out another of England’s top flight team’s… Sir Alex’s Man. United this time.

The match was celebrated heavily in the Catalan capital but not so much in its British counterpart.

Sergio Roberto v/s PSG

Here’s by far one of the most impossible wins that could go down in football history.
After an abysmal performance at home, their away from home at Parc des Princes was the most crucial. Not to mention the fact that Barcelona were surely out of the league. They needed 6 away goals to proceed and not get knocked out as reigning champions. Here’s the last of those 6 goals that came in the DYING minutes of the game.

Got any more of these nail biting finals? Tell us!

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