The 6 Biggest rivalries in Football History OUTSIDE the EPL – Part 2

Moving on from the first part of the article, here’s the rest of the biggest rivalries in football.

Real Madrid v/s Barcelona – El Clásico.

Now here is a tale marred with controversy of blood boiling proportions.

We all know that this is a basic political rivalry between the conservative capital of Spain – Madrid and the independence demanding capital of Catalan – the capitalist and progressive city ofBarcelona. When Football was added in this mix of polarizing political viewpoints things just got all the more emotionally charged.
The El Clásico had one of the world’s most controversial rivalries that stemmed from dirty politics and dirtier people who played it and here’s what you should know: At the end of the Spanish Civil war in 1939, General Franco captured Madrid. Barcelona fought his policies of conservatism hard because they were more inclined towards fashion, trade, capitalism etc. This was also the time when football was the reason behind solidarity in such tumultuous times of war.

Now, General Franco was known to be instrumental in a massively controversial deal between Argentinian striker Alfredo Di Stéfano, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both Barca and Real Madrid fought to sign Di Stéfano but since Franco was at daggers drawn with Barcelona, he influenced a deal that would disable the signing of the Colombian ‘to-be’ legend, Di Stéfano to Barcelona. In the mean while Real Madrid swooped in and took him away. After that Di Stéfano lead Real Madrid to Eight Spanish league cups and Five European Cups. The rest is all history. The rivalry still remains to be one of the most celebrated one’s of all time.

Source: La Liga YouTube

Inter Milan v/s AC Milan – Derby della Madonnina

Here’s an exciting derby with a rather odd story.

Inter Milan who represented the middle-class moved out of the original Milan Cricket and Football Club.

They did so over differences over signing foreign players to the team.

AC Milan then took a good 43 years to win a title after the split while arch rivals Inter Milan had racked up 5 by then.

Ever since then the rivalry has been fierce and makes for one of the best atmospheres in Italy at the San Siro stadium. 

Image source: Sports-Nova

Dortmund v/s Bayern Munich – Der Klassiker

Number 1 at the table v/s number 2 at the table in BundesLiga. Well atleast in recent years.

Over the past years these two teams have stuck it out to each other and have made for the best games in the history of German football.

On the one hand you already have the huge heart-pounding jumping fans forming the Yellow and Black wall at the Westfalenstadion.

On the other are the raging fans of the best side in the Bundesliga for years now, Bayern Munich.

There is a lot of dispute over this rivalry as there isn’t much of a history between these two teams.

Here’ a little something that will still give you the jitters on witnessing the Der Klassiker. 

The 6 Biggest rivalries in Football History OUTSIDE the EPL – Part 1
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