France, The Football World Cup and beyond

A whole month of riff raff, high spirited, never-ending action of football finally came to an end with a not so obvious choice for the winners – France!

Many records were broken and many more hearts! Yes, we hear you Croatian fans!

The Dark horses ruled the turf and for the first time in the longest history of Football did the ‘small teams; manage to make it all the way to the end, Belgium and Croatia leading the way!

Here’s the few of the picks that left us utterly spellbound, shocked, teary eyed and ecstatic all at once:

1) English fans sang it’s coming home, but it didn’t. The English men with JLings aka Jesse Lingard, John Stones, Raheem SterlingDanny WelbeckJamie VardyMarcus RashfordDele Alli all pressed hard but in the end were trumped by Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany’s tireless Belgium squad.

2) Hazard wanted a good World Cup so that Real Madrid could see him as a prospect, and a great World Cup he had!

3) Luka Modric’s men were the biggest surprise package you could ever see and The Real Madrid midfielder showed us why he was the best defender in the world, YET again!

4) Harry Kane played the World Cup like he plays the premier league. Like a lean mean goal-scoring machine!!

5) Half way through the World Cup most viewers had even forgotten that ‘The’ Messi, ‘The’ Ronaldo and Neymar had been knocked out of the world. 

6) Germany was eliminated by a Japan. 

7) The same Japan almost knocked out Belgium 2-0 until Belgium’s last minute heroics to make it 2-3!
Imagine, had Japan knocked Belgium out, they’d face a tormenting England squad. The Englishmen, as favorites would easily trump the Asian side and make it to the finals to finally lose to France. 
But Chadli, Lukaku and De Bruyne’s run on the counter in the 94th minute against Japan was simply scintillating. They deserved to be in the semis as much as Japan did!

8) SPAIN was eliminated by Russia.

9) But let’s face it. Russia played like superheroes and Cheryshev and Aleksandr Golovin should be given a standing ovation, among other Russian players.

10) The best part of the best game in the world – It bought countries together! The presidents, PMs and country leaders stood shoulder to shoulder, shaking hands and embracing each other at good times and bad. 

11) A 19-year old Mbappe made history and etched the future of French national football. Most memes on the internet revolved around what they were doing at the age of 19!

12) Neymar and his hysterics reached a new high! Well done Neymar, the world has a new social media challenge dedicated straight to you! 

13) In midst of all of this RONALDO left Real Madrid! And Juventus has a new 7 numbered wonder! Guess this is where Ronaldo retires from European football before making a North America move, what say? 

And in the end France gave the world only the 3rd manager who has also won the World cup as a player too! Speak of an illustrious Football career!

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