Best goal nominations that didn’t win the award they deserved

Yes! We’ve all been furious at award results after our favourite player didn’t win the yearly ‘best goal’ award. Football is an emotion at the end of the day. It made us argue, fight, blame the system until we came to terms with the end result!

Here’s a list of some scintillating goals that didn’t make it to the stage to collect some silverware.

1. Gareth Bale Puskas Nominee 2018
Kick-starting with this overhead blinder by Bale in the Champions league 2017-18. We know this one makes it to your list of “How even did this not win?”

2. Cristiano Ronaldo Puskas Nominee 2018
Speaking of overhead blinders, let’s all turn our eyes to the fittest 33-year old the world knows. 

3. Giorgian De Arrascaeta Puskas Nominee 2018
Get those scissors out.
Disclaimer: They won’t sharper than this scissors kick by Arrascaeta!

4. Riley McGree Puskas Nominee 2018
Australians just make it to every list, don’t they?
This goal has the timing, the placement, and the subtly applied power that the naked eye won’t catch!

5. Benjamin Pavard Puskas Nominee 2018
Here’s the goal that will haunt Argentina fans for 4 years till the next World Cup. Here’s Pavard’s turbo charged vply kick that you can see and see and see …as it travels.

6. Aviles Hurtado Puskas Nominee 2017
Look closely! You may just miss Hurtado’s clinically camouflaged overhead kick to glory!

7. Oscarine Masuluke Puskas Nominee 2017
When a striker scores a bicycle kick you cheer and shout. But what when a goalkeeper does that from inside his opponents box, having left his mark.

8. Mario Gasper Puskas Nominee 2016
This non-winning goal by Mario Gasper will actually leave you gasping for breath!

9. Marlone Puskas Nominee 2016
This chested scissors kick is just 5 seconds away from becoming the best goal you’ll have seen in months!

10. Simon Skrabb Puskas Nominee 2016
The speed, the angle, the timing, the style, the class, the poise…we can go on but you’ll get the point! 

11. Neymar Puskas Nominee 2016
The glory days when Neymar was in the peak of his ‘ I need to show the world I’m the next GOAT’ period! Also, the glory days when Neymar donned the FC Barcelona jersey.

12. Lionel Messi Puskas Nominee 2015
There’s no list complete without HIS name, is there?

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