Top 5 ‘when fans go wild’ moments in Football

If you thought your ex girl-friend was crazy, you’ve seen nothing yet!
Football fans are emotional at the least and violent at best.
Speaking of best, here’s some of the most savage reactions by fans when their emotions go running high:

1. PSG v/s Real Madrid: Champions League round of 16

PSG signed Neymar for THIS VERY DAY. They threw in 222 million euros for one of the world’s deadliest line-ups for Neymar to be at the forefront. Too bad he couldn’t show up on that one day though!

What a waste! Well the fans sure started showing their true colours (orange and yellow to be precise) when Real Madrid started obliterating them! You would speculate that it was a ploy to blur Real Madrid’s view of their goal but that wasn’t stopping Ronaldo netting one into the far end of the post!

The drum rolls, the sights and the sounds were all too scary!

2. West Ham v/s Burnley: EPL

Yeah we’ve all seen Green Street Hooligans. We all know the might of the ‘cute’ bubble-blowing hammers fans aka West ham United fans! But what happened at premier league, week 30 when they faced Burnley was nothing short of utterly disastrous.

The fans were pissed off and went on a rampage. Here’s what all they did:

1. Paraded outside and ambushed the director’s box.
2. Ran onto the field mid-game only to get beaten up by West Ham players.
3. Run half way through the ground with the corner flag and drill it into the centre!

3. Athens v/s Salonika

Yes, the Greeks fought like Gods with weapons to flaunt galore. But maybe they’d wanna keep the weaponry off the football field years later, eh?

Cut to: 2018- A time in Greek football wherein the PAOK Salonika football team’s President walked onto the field with a gun. Yes, a gun! A shiny AF gun! The referee (who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day) made the mistake of cancelling PAOK Salonika FC’s goal at the 90th minute and in went President Ivan Savvidis all guns blazing, LITERALLY!

Little wonder why the government indefinitely suspended the Greek super league! Way to go, Savvidis.

4. Dortmund fans have got some guts

We’ve all watched gangster/crime movies like Oceans 11, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dog, Fight club with hooligans taking things in their own hands.

But what happens when they go too far? As far as all the way to Munich from Dortmund… only to reassemble the entire lighting configuration of the Bayern Munich stadium to signature black and yellow – Borussia Dortmund’s colour! You HAVE TO see this to believe it!

These Germans sure made graffiti art vandalizers look like kindergarten school kids. 

5. Rosario Central fans are nuts!

Yeah you wanna wear your fandom on your sleeve. By all means. But when those sleeves catch fire and then spread into the rest of the stands, we’ve got a problem lads!

Not too sure if these fans really care though. Here’s celebrating with free spirit of a thousand football fans!

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