Top 5 businessmen who bought football clubs just for fun

Remember how the Roman elite placed warriors in open arenas and watched them fight to death just for fun? “Entertainment” isn’t it?
Try extending the same entertainment logic to club football with ‘club owners’ substituting the Roman elites in present day! Now, someone needs to be funding this isn’t it? Let’s deep dive who’s pumping in all this moolah ‘for fun’. 

1. Manchester City – Deputy PM of UAE, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan: 

Sheikh Mansoor, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and part of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi with a net-worth of over $30 billion. He bought Manchester City FC for £210 million in 2008. Since then, Manchester City has seen 2 title wins and with a 3rd on its way.

Why did he buy the club?

At the outset, he’s a RICH middle-eastern businessman who has made money off selling oil from his business empire. Do you realize that owning a football club simply gets this real estate and oil baron cheap advertising space for his company to in turn make larger profits?

Not to mention when Sheikh Mansour called the Man. City deal a sound investment claiming football to be the ‘best of entertainment products in the world’. *drops the mic* 

2. Chelsea FC – Russian Oil baron Roman Abramovich: 

Seems like a lot of these football club owners seem to be making money off oil and then investing in England. Hmm… interesting. 

Russia’s elite politician and businessman, who started off from humble beginnings were motivated to buy Chelsea because he was bored in life and needed something challenging to do. For real though!

In 2003, Roman Abramovic bought the club from Ken Bates who had dragged the club into a $23 million interest payment. He bought the club and concluded the deal in merely 15 minutes. His net worth now is well over $7 billion almost touching $11 billion now.. Speaking of thug life!

3. West Ham United – ‘Pornographers’ David Sullivan and David Gold:

Porn! Now that we have your attention let’s take a step away from oil barons and throw light on 2 businessmen who made a ton of money from revolutionizing the British adult film industry. Yes, Pornography. 

David Sullivan and David Gold in 2010 acquired a 50% stake in the Hammers valuing the club at £105 million.

Their combined net worth is over $1.5 billion and they own the club till date amongst much outcry by the club supporters. The best example of this was when fans hoarded the director’s box, surrounded David Sullivan and forced him out of the stadium. 

4. Dietrich Mateschitz: 

When you own a company whose supply chain spreads all over the world selling energy drinks, you would wanna own a football club or two (or four).

Let’s put it better when you’re in the ‘top 50 richest men in the world’ list with a net worth north of $21 billion, entertainment in the form of blokes running around chasing a football kind of becomes a necessary evil.

Here’s a list of the football clubs he owns:

You’ve probably at least once in your life wondered why some teams perform better than the others. May be because they’ve got that financial backing? This does in all honesty shoot their campaign into outer space with only other cash-rich teams being able to catch up!

PS: RB Leipzig was founded with the intention of making it to the Bundesliga in 8 years. They made it to the first division BundesLiga in the 2016-17 season from the 5th division in the founding year. They also played the UEFA Champions League this year in 2017-18. Talk about hyper growth. 

5.  Microsoft’s co-founder, Paul Allen – Seattle Sounders FC:

You’ve heard of Bill Gates! But what about the other guy who founded Microsoft with him?

Let’s draw a similar parallel. If you’re the owner of one of the BIGGEST companies in Silicon Valley owning a football team becomes somewhat of a leisurely way of money spending.

Like one of those expensive things you bought on your trip down to America.

He owns the Seattle Sounders FC who play regularly in the Western Conference of the Major League Soccer in the USA. 

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