The 6 Biggest rivalries in Football History OUTSIDE the EPL – Part 1

Yes we all know of London derbies and Manchester derbies and Merseyside derbies and how big the games, the rivalries and preps are. But some of these games go well beyond even that. Some of these names we may recognize from the Europa league matches, some we may not even recognize at all.

  • Boca Juniors v/s River Plate – Superclásico 

River-Boca, two provinces in Buenos Aires Argentina represent a class divide. Back in the day in the early 1900’s River plate moved to an affluent city of Nuñez while Boca stayed put. The primary grounds for rivalry is that River left La Boca ie where they originated from. Boca on the other hand stayed loyal.

River call Boca los chanchitos (pigs) and manure collectors because of the not so affluent area they are located in.

Boca call River ‘chickens’ because of their lack of supposed guts.

River is often referred to as The Millionaires, while Boca is the people’s team, the working class. That being said they enjoy support from all the factions of society.  

The matches are filled with horns, chants, jumping fans and loud fireworks in the sky. Here’s what it looks like.

  • Galatasaray v/s Fenerbache – The Istanbul Derby

The Intercontinental Derby, as it is also called, is intense! If you ever thought that The Manchester derby or Millwall v/s West Ham games had hooligans you literally have seen NOTHING yet.

Turkish fans from these two clubs are by far the wildest, craziest most dangerous you’ve ever seen. A 2013 stabbing incident stemming from racist chants of Fenerbache supporters was the last straw!

The roots are rather straight forward.
Galatsaray had rich supporters and were founded in the Galatasaray High School.

Fenerbache was a byproduct of locals from a local district (Kadıköy)

Basic Rich v/s poor roots. Today the story has changed a little bit. The theatrics in the rivalry still remains the same though. With players like Wesley Sneijder,  Didier Drogba, Raul Meireles, Lukas Podolski, Nani, Durk Kuyt, and Robin Van Persie in the kitty of these two teams, the rivalry just got a lot more dramatic. 

Here are some stats to make the wind clear. 

Here’s some more proof of all the fan folklore: 

Celtics v/s Rangers: The Old Firm Derby, Scottish Premiership –

Unveiling Scotland’s fiercest rivalry – The Old firm Derby; a rivalry sparked by religion in the 1800’s.

A large immigrant Catholic population from Ireland crossed borders and settled into Glasgow. On the other hand the booming shipping industry saw English Protestant workers making their way into the Scotland city. This sparked off the seeds of rivalry which were exacerbated when football was thrown in the mix. The fans are perpetually at daggers drawn with each other.

Till date this derby is marred with fans hurling explosives and green and blue fumes at each other. There is a big wall with armed Police on each side to stop the fan/mob violence. What happens on the insides of the walls is another story all together.

Here’s a bit of the Old Firm fanfare hysterics:

The 6 Biggest rivalries in Football History OUTSIDE the EPL – Part 2
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