What is a football match without loud chanting fans that jump in unison?


1. Nothing.

2. A one-off closed door game between Barcelona and Las Palmas. (Die Heart La Liga fans, get the joke!)

If you’ve seen Green Street Hooligans (which we hope to god you have) and thought West Ham and Millwall FC fans were rowdies, prepare yourself for something very dynamically eye-opening. The following fans bring ALL they’ve got to a game, create the best atmosphere there is and more often than not are a pain in the a** for the visiting team.

Here’s 5 of the best football match atmospheres you HAVE TO witness before it’s too late.

1. Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland – Celtic Football Club 

The fans here at the home of the Scottish champions are absolutely mental. So much so that when Man United were visiting, Rio Ferdinand looked back at his players and went “Wooooah!” referring to the crowd after the start whistle went off.

Leo Messi too claimed this to be an atmosphere better than any other in Europe after the 2-1 loss to Celtic. Xabi Alonso and Luis Enrique felt the same.

The chaos and raucous created by the fans is loud, disturbing to the away team and sheer harmonious noise to the home team. 

2. Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, Germany – Borussia Dortmund

Oh Germany! You sure show the world what precision is. Imagine 95,000 of the loudest fans in the world not only shouting and chanting but also jumping all in one synchronized rhythm and beat. WHAT a sight that is.
Borrussia Dortmund’s wave of Yellow and Black dressed howling fans are notoriously known to make the ground shake below them. Fun fact: The roofs in the stadium are specifically designed for the voices and chants echo louder.

Adding to that are banners, flares and a whole load of flying beer.
At the centre of it all is the Südtribüne aka “The Yellow Wall” that stands high and mighty in the face of the visiting team intimidating them as they approach the goal line. It is the single largest stand in the footballing world with a capacity of 25,000 fans. Sure is scary if you’re scoring at that end!

Fun fact no. II: A signal of yellow and black in nature signals danger! Another reason to believe Germans are super precise with their work? 

3. La Bombonera, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Boca Juniors

This will officially prove to you why South American fans are the scariest most craziest fans in the world.
This is Argentina’s premiere club that claims lives from time to time given their rowdy nature.

And if you thought the defensive wall for a free kick was stopping a goal there’s another bigger wall you’ve gotta worry about! The one created by the 12th man ie the fans in the steep stands.

In fact the stands are so steep that it almost feels that the players are being overshadowed by the 49,000 fans.

And why 12th man? It’s because the fans are as good as a 12th player on the field with all the chanting, fireworks and flares that fall down from the sky. 

4. Türk Telekom Arena, Istanbul, Turkey – Galatasaray SK

This one goes out to Turkey!
Better known as HELL this football stadium holds the 2011 world record for the LOUDEST roar at 131.76 decibels. That’s louder than a military jet aircraft at take-off.

The fans are supremely inhospitable, loud and hoard banners that say “Welcome to Hell”. Fire crackers fill the night sky with radiant orange blurring the vision of the players.

These “caring” fans start the menace a lot before the game by greeting the away players at the airport itself with hostile chants. 

5. Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex, Medillin, Colombia –  Atletico Nacional

Pablo Escobar. Yes, that one word that should scare many was the sole reason behind the funding of this glorified club. This funding took the club to another level and lucky for the fans, Pablo Escobar loved football as much as they did.

There are footages of rows and rows of fans falling over each other in a pile. Fire flares into the sky and so do the chants. When you witnessed the wrath of Argentinian fans earlier in the article, the other parts of South America weren’t just sitting around. They had blazing green fireworks of their own to light.  

Drums, rowdy fans, deafening sounds, rowdier fans when a goal is scored is all part and parcel of the fans of Atletico Nacional

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