Is Messi really the greatest player in the world – The debate

Since we’re all in the midst of all the World Cup hoopla, it’s arguably worth throwing light on ‘World’s Bests’ and ‘World’s finest’ and World’s most accomplished and the whole nine yards (or should we the whole 53.3 yards).
This one isn’t for the Cristiano Ronaldo supporters. Soon we’ll be covering that argument too but for now, you have been warned!

Let’s break this into arguments ‘against’ and ‘for’ shall we?

Argument against:

Lionel Messi has never done it big for his nation in a World Cup.


The only reason Argentina are even in the World Cup this year is that if his dying moment hat-trick.

Here’s more on that. Now, did you see that Argentina-Ecuador World Cup qualifier? A little light on the situation:

  • Argentina, runners-up of the last World Cup, almost FAILED TO QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CUP.
  • The second, third and fourth last games ended in frustrating draws when they were up against Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay respectively.
  • Messi’s Argentina were languishing at 6th who was in a ‘do or die’ ‘must win’ situation.
  • Guess who stepped up and lead from the front? No, it wasn’t Sergio Aguero. Yes, it was Lionel Messi and his historic hat-trick.


They won against Ecuador, an ‘easy’ team who was 8th in the South American World Cup qualifiers table and 35th in the FIFA world rankings.


Argentina lost against the very same team in the very same tournament when they met earlier. So what’s all this ‘bullying the small teams’ fuss about?


World Cup’s won by Pele: 3

World Cup’s won by Messi: 0


A World Cup is played for 2 months every 4 years (48 months).

Club football is played for 40 months out of those every 48 months.

The tournament with higher consistency in occurrence is a better metric for measuring greatness.


Multiple combinations of things can go in or against the favor of the great players including Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Pele.

They could all have better or worse better teammates, their teammates could have messed up,


They all have played in different eras which means the base for comparison is rendered void.


Messi has had 10 years of consistency behind him in club football history with FC Barcelona. 10 YEARS IS A LOT.

Here’s a video that highlights something very similar to what we discussed above.


Also, Messi can do this.

…And the award goes to – #TheBest FIFA Football Awards Announced
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