Key Players ruled out from the national squad in the final World Cup qualifier week (Part-1)

It’s been an injury struck week and month for the international footballing world and there’s no ending to it. We’ve compiled a list of players that could be missing the final leg of the World Cup qualifiers. Let’s get to it:

1. Gareth Bale (Wales):

Wales’s upcoming clashes against Georgia and the Republic of Ireland may not see their right winger Gareth Bale speed across the right flank as a result of being ruled out due to a calf injury in his Champions League match last Tuesday. Don’t lose hope lads. Wales will still make it.

2. Andrea Belotti, Daniele De Rossi, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Verratti, Pogba (Italy):

Woah, that list is long! With a right knee injury, the bloke from Torino is ruled out for his game against Macedonia and Albania. Manager Gian Piero Ventura is surely at the end of his wits (with his fingers together and wrist pointing upwards in vigorous movement, Italian style). This isn’t the only player out. Italy’s casualty list also includes Daniele De Rossi and Lorenzo Pellegrini. Dayumnn!

Here’s another newsflash! They will also be missing 20-year old PSG midfielder Marco Verratti who walked off at their 6-0 win against Bordeaux.

Here’s yet another mishap. In Man United ’s first Champions League game against Basel we saw an injured Pogba walk off Old Trafford on crutches. Mourinho though has dismissed any of the media claims of a long term stint away from the pitch.He could be out for the WC qualifiers.Best of luck champions of 2006! You’ll may need it!

3. Sergio Aguero (Argentina):

Let’s not even talk about this horrific turn of events. Returning from a Maluma concert in Holland, Aguero broke a rib in a car crash. He’s definitely out for a good two months. But then again he’s from Argentina; the same country that has the best player in the world – Lionel Messi. The South Americans shouldn’t be completely worried.

4. Kieren Westwood (Ireland):

Here’s a do or die situation for the Irish with a must win in both the games against Moldova and against a Bale-less Wales. A loss on either could mean them not having a spot in the Russia 2018 games. Westwood, you’d have wanted to be in on this one!

5. Timo Werner (Germany):

Joachim Löw has concerns as this 21-year old striker who has scored 5 times in the opening 6 games of the Bundes Liga for RB Leipzig is ruled out due to a circulatory problem around his beck and jaw. What is worrisome is the part that he Was completely in form. Defending champions, games on!

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