Lionel Messi will have his own Theme park by 2020

You heard that right. Messi is slated to have his very own theme park soon to come in the year 2020! Take That Museum director Cristiano Ronaldo who has his own museum named after him!

The most exciting part about this is that it won’t be located in his home-country Argentina in South America, neither will it be constructed in North America. So it must be Europe then. Barcelona may be? Where Messi has glorified the club and vice versa for years now?

Nope, it’ll be constructed in *drum rolls*… Nanjing, China- The emerging super power with a work force as brutal and determined as Harry Kane’s intentions of making the big move to Real Madrid (Yes that may happen too. But we’ll get to that in another article. For now, the Lionel Messi theme park)

Here some of the basic facts you may want to know about the deal:

  • The theme park will open for business by the year 2020.
  • The project is, headed up by Mediapro Exhibitions – A Barcelona based company specialized in the creation of exhibition and museographic projects, from conceptualization to execution. There’s your European connect!
  • Leo Messi Management (LMM) will be a key part of the project too.
  • Talk to me money? Sure. Phoenix U-Art will be bankrolling the deal.
  • The theme park will be based on the new-age, post-millennial, uber-cool concept of an ‘experience park’. May be you’ll see a paor of VR glasses that take you to the training grounds of Nou Camp too. Woah! The heart just skipped a beat!
  • IT IS NOT A SPACE FOR SELF PROMOTION. Messi is the lesser of the egoistic kinds of the two greatest players in the world, remember? The other being Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Project cost: €170m. Slightly cheaper than Neymar Jr. himself. Nope that wasn’t a dog at PSG. Or was it?
  • Expected visitors: 4-5 million Chinese visitors.
  • Michael Jordon has already marked his Chinese territory as the most valuable sporting brand in the Asian subcontinent. Slam Dunk to that!
  • The price of the entrance ticket will be similar to that of Disneyland Shanghai.
  • There will be about 20 odd attractions based on the Barcelona forward at the theme park.
  • Expect a lot of augmented reality and Virtual reality thrown in the mix.
  • Chinese broadcaster Phoenix Group will also lend a helping hand in running the theme park. Now ain’t that sweet of them?
  • Messi hopes that this will encourage a new wave of young generation footballers to take to the game at an earlier age. You go Messi!

There is bound to be a lot more on the progress of the theme park as time progress. There will be a lot more clarity on the nature of the proclaimed cutting edge technology that is going into the making of the theme park.

Till then, you’ll are going to have to make do with the Ronaldo Museum in his hometown Madeira in Portugal.

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