Manchester City’s worst nightmare – Winter

Winter is coming!

Aren’t you just tired of listening to this Game of Thrones innuendo?

Well, you shouldn’t! Because it’s coming whether you like it or not! And the Britishers? Just like every year, they’re just going to complain about the weather all season long.

Perks of following a football tournament that the locals hate the weather of!

On a serious note, Manchester City fans will have another reason to complain should Guardiola’s city continue their abysmal winter form yet again.

Long story short, they had the league in the bag even in the last two seasons (one under Guardiola and the one under Pelligrini) until winter happened. They are at the top of the league by a mile at present but things change. And winter is most certainly one that brings it.

Here are a few stats to substantiate our claim.

  • City have won their first 9 out of 10 games and drawn 1.
  • This takes their points tally to 28, ahead of the 2nd position Red Devils (Manchester United) by 5 points.
  • They’ve also scored 35 goals in all of August, September, and October taking their goals per match to 3.5. Now that’s HIGH! So high that only they can mess it up for themselves.

A closer look at the last two years will tell us the following:

Gary Neville had a lot to say on the issue because he has been monitoring the situation closely over the past decades and has observed this slack in performance by the Manchester City lads.

Here’s all that he had to say:

“They are at an outstandingly high level,” he told Sky Sports. “They can only stop themselves. I mention the words robustness and resilience.

“I look at the winter months and it seems like an old cliche – can you go away to Stoke and that sort of garbage – but there’s a little bit more to it than that.

“If you look at Manchester City’s last two seasons, one under Manuel Pellegrini and one under Guardiola, and you look at November, December, and January. They probably would have won two titles in those two seasons if they’d have maintained their championship-winning level.

“If they drop to that level in November, December and January again then they’ll be in trouble. Those months are tough, the toughest months; I don’t care what anybody says [to the contrary].

“They’re the toughest months to play football – the games, the weather, the injuries, the stockpile of fixtures, the Champions League, the Christmas period.

“Can they get through to February, March, and April when the weather gets better again and it’s an easier time of year to play football?

“My view is that has cost them in the last two seasons and if they can get through those three months then it could be one of the most outstanding performances. It is brilliant to watch, a great level of football.”

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