Ego clash in Paris: Neymar v/s Cavani

We all know what can happen to the egos of existing team members when a new member joins in; especially if he’s the most expensive player in the world.

Enter Neymar Jr…. literally.

In the clash against Lyon which PSG won 2-0, there was quite some exchange of words and actions between the two South Americans which is indicative of a lot that can unfold in the future.

Exhibits A: Neymar and Cavani fight over who must take the penalty. Cavani wins the argument. Cavani steps up to the line to take a penalty. Cavani misses. Cavani is mad at what happened and the game goes on as he appeals for the penalty had gone in even though it came off the crossbar.

Slightly earlier in the game we stumbled upon Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: ‘Brazilian’ Dani Alves refuses to give the ball to Cavani for a free kick. Neymar slips in and grabs the ball. No prizes for guessing whose side Alves was on!

Unai Emery said that it was up to the players who are to take set pieces but says he will have to intervene if the situation persists.

And he wasn’t the only one with interventions. Reportedly Cavani waited for Neymar outside the PSG tunnel to tell him “I don’t like this clubs new poster boy attitude” insinuating him explicitly.

The duo had to be separated by team members.

They also had a feud of words in the dressing room where Captain and Brazilian team mate Thiago Silva had to step in to put out the fire.

It’s a bit alarming isn’t it how the two strikers of 2017-18’s Champions league winning contenders fight it out knowing that there will be no shortage of goal scoring opportunities all season long.

Maybe it could be because of Cavani’s contract that’ll bag him an additional €1 million in case he manages to be the top scorer, a clause similar to that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he joined Manchester United. Interesting isn’t it?

Here’s something even more interesting, Neymar may have the very same clause in his contract! Snap! Things just got heated up in Paris!

Now, note that we’re in 2017. And when something as big as what you’re about to see happens, that’s serious.

Neymar un-followed Cavani on Instagram taking things to a whole new level!

Nice striker from Ligue 1 Mario Balotelli took to social media to add in his 2 cents on the matter too. His Instagram story read “You shouldn’t even ask for shot them”. This could possibly be a dig at Neymar stemming from the fact that Cavani was the PSG’s top scorer last season.

For now, things don’t seem to be calm and they’ve got an entire season ahead of them, not to mention the eyes on the Champions league silverware which experts speculate was one of the reasons Neymar was signed onto PSG for in the first place!

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