Ronaldo Red-Carded, sent off and asked to come back… after 5 games!

Yes! Footballers are paid money synonymous to valuations of today’s biggest start-up companies. Yes! Footballers have egos soaring the skies. Can you blame them? Alright, riddle us this- What happens when one of the world’s best footballers gets sent off for him falling inside the box that MAY OR MAY NOT have been a ‘dive’?

If your guess is ‘he pushes the referee’ then you just struck oil. Or should we say struck the referee?

Exhibit A – A yellow card for taking his tshirt of in the preceding game.
Exhibit B – Pretending (or may be not) to fall within the box while about to take a shot on goal. What followed? The inadmissible act of ‘gently’ shoving the referee before walking off for being red carded. Oh the sights and sounds that followed when this happened to Cristiano Ronaldo on El Classico game day.

The fans were pissed, yes. But imagine being the world’s best player and not being able to play a Valencia clash at home, a Supercopa leg 2 against arch nemesis’Barcelona and 3 more games to top that off that followed the red card.

Here’s what the referee had to say though- “Once the red card was shown, the player pushed me slightly in a sign of disagreement”. Yeah well atleast you get to be in your next 5 games ref Bengoetxea!

CR7 also happened to Instagram his opinion calling the judgement ridiculous and then went on to thank his team mates for the support. You go CR7! We’re with you …and that £365,000 a week you’re making!

Now, in case you’re wondering what happened, here’s what actually went down:

And if you notice carefully, that didn’t look like he was falling down on purpose. Try running with a ball and a French footballer breathing down your neck, you’ll know!

So the question is, was that 5 match ban justified? Real Madrid right back Dani Carvajal certainly doesn’t think so. He bad a bucket load of things to say:

“It is an excessive sanction and a frustrating situation. I am not in the head of the referees but he [Ronaldo] didn’t have to be sent off. We are f***ed now because of that penalty, but hopefully they will reduce the amount of games he misses”

Also, here’s that push again just to refresh your memory.

All and all, the ‘hala madrid’ chanting fraternity have to wait on with bated breath till September 19th at his return in the clash against Real Batis. Poor Batis are going to bear the brunt of an unleashed hungry lion in the woods. Or atleast that’s what the Spaniards in the capital city are hoping for. So much to look forward to! Spanish football… what a start to the season! *takes a deep breath*

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