8 Summer transfers you’d really like to see happen

Obviously when you see this article a month or to down the line you’re going to marvel at these possibilities that once existed, possible transfers that were speculated, and some of the below will have already gone through. But for now, here we are standing at Week 2 of August, few weeks before the close of the summer transfer window hoping for the possible and definitely the impossible (Yes we’re talking about a decent replacement for Neymar’s exit from Barcelona.)

So let’s get straight to it.

1. Gareth Bale to Manchester United

Okay, we KNOW Mourinho is bad-ass. What makes you think he still isn’t vying for Gareth Bale? So he landed Matic and Lindelof AND Lukaku. But greed is good, no? The Portuguese manager of one of the world’s biggest and most celebrated clubs is happy with 3 signings this season but he knows how to keep his board and the fans happy. Bring Bale home Jose!

2.Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United

Oh yes! He’s got the moves and not just the ones from the field. We’re talking about the one’s from famous Drake songs. Wonder what the red jersey can do to him? We’re sure he’ll be a contented man in England. He’ll get to play with the likes of likes of Mkhitaryan, Pogba, Martial and Mata after all.

3. Danny Rose to Chelsea

Okay we know Mauricio Pochettino hasn’t made any signings YET. One person who’s a bit peeved by this is Spurs’ Danny Rose. One person who knows about this is Chelsea manager Antonio Conte. Do the math! It’s reportedly said that the Blues are willing to double the left back’s wages to £120 ,000. And they kind of NEED a left back. Also, Matic is gone.

4. Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona

Jürgen Klopp had a point to prove when he walked into Anfiled. Little wonder why he refuses to let go of this Brazilian star. But Neymar’s gone so Barcelona need a replacement. But Liverpool need to make the big win. And Klopp’s gotta do something to not get kicked off. Doesn’t look like Coutinho is moving is he?

5. Diego Costa to Atletico Madrid

Now here’s a transfer everyone but the fans of Chelsea want to see. He’s won them 2 cups in 3 seasons. But Conte and he aren’t quite the best of friends anymore is it? He wasn’t in the starting 11 in the opening game of EPL ‘17 against Burnley and we all know about that obliterating that 3-2 loss at home. He really could be on his way isn’t it?

6. Ross Barkley to Tottenham

Remember when we said Mauricio Pochettino wasn’t making any signing earlier in the article? Well he is. Finally! Ross Barkley, the Everton sensation has been linked to moves to London for a while now and it’s only a matter of time before the dotted line has a new name on it!

7. Memphis Depay to Everton or Roma or Lyon

Manchester United has given him a lifetime of learnings but guess it’s time for him to leave? Mourinho isn’t keen on the move but there’s a winter transfer season too. And given the history of the game anything is possible.

8. Diego Costa to Tianjin Quanjian

Really. Anything is possible. Even a Spanish wiz-kid playing head-to-head with London’s best moving to China.

Ronaldo Red-Carded, sent off and asked to come back… after 5 games!
Messi to Manchester City

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