Messi to Manchester City

Sounds about right! And yes that’s exactly what you read. There’s SO much going on in the International club fraternity of football with:
  • Neymar moving to PSG
  • Coutinho in the hanging over a move to Barcelona
  • Messi ’s contract with Barcelona
  • Speculations of Di Maria and Draxler moving out of PSG after the newly incoming Neymar resulting in lesser game time.
So who is to say that Messi wouldn’t move to Manchester City? Reasons why he could make the shift
  •  His father has opened talks with Manchester City.
  •  His contract term is ending next summer.
  •  He gets to play with the likes of Pep Guardiola… again. Oh, the memories.
  •  Who doesn’t want a chance to play in the Premier League?
  •  He’s been at Barcelona long enough and may be it’s time to make the big shift? Just may be.
On the other hand, there are talks about Neymar coaxing Coutinho to NOT consider the move to Barcelona. It’s no secret that Neymar left Barcelona as he was tired of playing under Messi’s shadow. But why discourage Coutinho from the move? His reasoning is that a Coutinho move to Barcelona could make Messi a better player thereby strengthening his chances for a Ballon D’or thereby weakening Neymar’s shot at it. Sinister! Neymar’s countryman and fellow Brazilian Coutinho is yet away from a back injury but is wanting to make the big move to Barcelona as he has submitted his transfer request via email earlier this summer season. Some may severely question the possibility of a £275 million deal going through but we just saw one worth £222 million going through and who’s to say then that this can’t go through? I mean it is Messi we’re talking about! And Pep Guardiola has been preparing for a £275 million big move. He came to the league with a purpose after all and maybe now it’s game time for him after all… other than the fact that Man-City is already title contenders for this season because of their solid form and team! Also walking back down the road of history will showcase October 2010 which marked the incoming of a new director of Football at City – Txiki Begiristain. He also held the same position at FC Barcelona and came to the club with the dream of European dominance. The signing of Pep Guardiola was just the first in many steps towards this dream and the signing of Messi will be the next. Not to mention that Guardiola is the only manager in the history of Football to have that kind of clout to sign in a big gun like Messi.
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