Transfer Gossip: Look who’s building up a bank account for latest buy outs (Part-1)

It’ll be a while before the winter season for transfers opens up but that’s not gonna stop us from getting our hopes up high, is it? So here’s us preparing you for that one fine morning where you wake up and your smart phone tells you Messi has let Barcelona for good! Kidding, he isn’t going anywhere… but these sure are:

1. Neymar’s Wishlist has Sanchez on it.

Well, why wouldn’t he be?  They’ve been friends right since their Barcelona days and have South American bonhomie too. Besides, PSG will NEED TO sell some players to balance their books after their spend-thrifty purchase. Who could be on their way out?

Anyone from Julian Draxler, Angel Di Maria, Lucas Moura, Javier Pastore, Kevin Trapp and *drum rolls* Edinson Cavani.

2. Barca Turn Attention To Sadio Mane

Fine if it ain’t Coutinho then we’ll just have your other striker. Talk about breathing down your neck. Barcelona has been eyeing good strikers for a while now and an Iniesta life contract could be a booster to their hopes.

Mane could be a potential signee too for the Catalans and they really are ready to make big bucks offer given the big selling of Neymar.

3. Draxler Wants Out at PSG (…and in at Barcelona)

Well, you can’t really be surprised given that Neymar walked straight in and trampled over everyone’s career plans. The German doesn’t see it fit to be in a team where the board itself is looking to balance the books. Win-win? Lose-lose? What’s the mid-way of the two again?

4. Van Persie Returning To Feyenoord

He’s baaaccckk. The Flying Dutchman will be looking to make an emotional come-back to the place he began his career from after traveling all over the world playing at Manchester United and Arsenal and making glory time and time again. His position seems to be in danger given the imminent signing of Macedonian prodigy Elif Elmas.

5. Ghoulam in place for Mendy at Guardiola’s Manchester city?

When the world heard Guardiola was coming to City, there were hopes of trophies galore.  Fast forward to the 2017 season where that actually is a magnanimous possibility. The only problem though is that he is without his key players striker Sergio Aguero (car crash) and left-back Benjamin Mendy (Knee ligament tear) and this means things aren’t as planned. Enter: Napoli star Faouzi Ghoulam who by the way is at the end of his stint in Italy and Guardiola seems to be pretty big on the Algerian.

6. Spurs To Rival Chelsea For Barkley

There’s going to be a massive London Derby off the pitch with Ross Barkley being at the center of it all. Barkley made it evident by not signing a new contract at Everton that he is on his way out. While he rejected a Chelsea bid earlier this year the Spurs are folding up their sleeves in a bid to land the Englishman… Chelsea not too far behind.

7. Harry Kane to Real Madrid for €200m?

What? When? How? Well here’s how. To start with, he won’t be the only Spur who will make it to the Spanish capital from Tottenham. Have you’ll be heard of Gareth Bale? Harry Kane has been pitted up as the best player in England by many and it won’t be too long before which he is pounced upon by the world’s biggest clubs.

Transfer Gossip: Look who’s building up a bank account for latest buy outs (Part-2)
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