Transfer Gossip: Look who’s building up a bank account for latest buy outs (Part-2)

It’ll be a while before the winter season for transfers opens up but that’s not gonna stop us from getting our hopes up high, is it? So here’s us preparing you for that one fine morning where you wake up and your smart phone tells you Messi has let Barcelona for good! Kidding, he isn’t going anywhere… but these sure are:

8. Antonio Conte walks out of England

Oh no! We actually liked the guy. But he is one of the homely kinds! Well, what are you gonna do? Try to win another title of course. Chelsea fans would like to retain the title and City won’t be making it easier. Either way, Conte is open to leaving BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. Anything can happen. Even a €200 million-plus deal. Wait, hasn’t’ that happened already?

9. Alexis Sanchez and Alex Sandro both being eyed by London biggies Chelsea.
Yes, we know. A lot of big guns are on their way out. Edinson Cavani and Alexis Sanchez and Coutinho and Mane maybe. Sanchez has also been linked to moves to London rivals Chelsea, but Neymar has him on his wish list at PSG. Wonder how that’s gonna go down!Another big signing for the Blues could be the 26-year old Juventus star, Alex Sandro. Chelsea is keen to keep their Italian manager for all the 3 years of his contract and are no way letting him go without fighting it out in the transfer season. Chelsea did happen to miss out on major signings that Conte would have liked to play around with and thus Alex Sandro could be a much-needed move.

10. Timo Werner gets interest from the Catalans

Barcelona want him! Well he was a part of Joachim Löw’s World Cup qualifying starting XI. And he has been quite a star at RB Leipzig with 21 goals in the last season after all. And if that isn’t all, Real Madrid are eyeing him too. Score Werner!

But will he go and will the German side even leave him? That’s a tough call. Then again turning down Barcelona or Real Madrid? Not sure if that’s the best career move, ever!!

11. Madrid For Dybala

There have been talks around how they have trounced their arch-rivals Barcelona in the bid for Argentine star Paulo Dybala, the talisman striker for Juventus who lead them to a league title and even a Champions League final last season. 
Barcelona struggled to sign Coutinho. Mbappe is ruled out due to injury. What luck!! Not being able to sign a good striker could be worrisome, but maybe not as grueling though as they sit at the top of the La Liga table so far.

12. Ronaldo wants Man United’s Teenager Angel Gomes –
Maybe he sees a little bit of himself in Gomes? Gomes who is a protégé of the Manchester United academy is a sublime finisher, with clean and strong touches on the ball.

Now it’s obvious that he will be eyed by many European giants. He’s only 17 and United are freaking out over his future given that he hasn’t yet signed a professional deal. Too early in the day to make a comment on this. Way too early.

13. Did we mention Barcelona and Tottenham are scouting for Angel Gomes
We did say all of Europe was looking out now didn’t we? Well, there you have it. A London biggie and a Catalan biggie-er in the fray for the 17-year-old. Wonder what that must feel like? The world’s biggest after you and you haven’t even left your teens yet.

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