UEFA Champions League round up Week–2 Man City, Real Madrid, The Spurs and beyond

The European biggies have all been lined up and the big fixtures are simply pouring in this season. With Atletico having been knocked out in quarterfinals, a semi-finals and two finals in the last 4 years they’re ramping up a death squad if you ask us. Champions Chelsea and other (treble) champions Conte’s Chelsea and Zidane’s Real Madrid have both gotten off to a frolicking start.

The first day of Week-2 saw the likes of Tottenham , Real Madrid and Manchester City dominate the turf and Liverpool try to do so humbly.

Real Madrid V/s Borussia Dortmund

A match that saw Ronaldo’s 400th appearance for Real Madrid saw him snatching away the victory from the home team BVB Dortmund at the Signal Iduna Park. They walked into the game never having won away from home against this team.

That was soon taken care of when Bale’s 18th-minute volley that hit not the back but the top of the net. He made it look all too easy.

While Aubameyang snagged a goal for his side, the 32-year old serial Ballon D’or winner Ronaldo ran down the right flank making it to the center receiving Bale’s cross and finishing an absolute beauty.

If Dortmund had any chance of equalizing, that was reversed by Ronaldo again scoring goal number 412 running down the right wing and finishing in scintillating style.

Note: Ronaldo was in the news for his not so good form and after coming in from a 1-0 Real Betis defeat in the La Liga Real Madrid had a point to prove. But this is the Champions League and it’s Real Madrid and Zidane’s turf we’re talking about. The ball-game (literally) here is completely different.

Tottenham Hotspur V/s Apoel Nicosia

What can we say? Harry Kane is a monster who has been packaged in an English gentleman’s body.

What was that Hat-trick? And we thought he could do this only in the British soil. Cheeky bugger there, isn’t he?

When Pochettino signed a new 5-year deal, EPL silverware wasn’t the only thing he had his eyes on. The Spurs marched in with leaps and bounds into victory. Champion’s league glory is still a fry cry though. Have you heard of Real Madrid?

Manchester City V/s Shakhtar Donetsk

Guardiola wears his heart on his sleeves when it’s anything to do with the Champions League. His run along with Aguero’s and Jesus’ is a bit difficult to get ahead of.

There’s no debate that he is one of the biggest contenders for the Champions League victory and the squad he’s build and trained is showing just that sort of character.

Did you see De Bruyne’s goal after all? Chelsea and Wolfsburg sure do miss him, but the Belgian seems to be at his career best with this Champions league veteran Guardiola.  What a season this will be! #ExcitedToTheGut

Spartak Moskva V/s Liverpool

There’s not much to say here. Klopp’s attack is formidable with Coutinho in top form. That fallback though.

There’s a lot of troubles arising from Klopp’s inability to build a strong defense ahead of the summer transfer window and Mignolet on goal is a cherry on the cake to all his and Liverpool’s problems.

1-1 is what they had to settle with against the Russian side.

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